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Take back control of your health.

Heal naturally with nutrients.

Nutrition therapy, health coaching, workshops and training to help you unlock your natural healing potential. 

Find the root of your health problems.

Stop fixing the symptoms. If you want your health issues to go away permanently, find the true cause of the problem.  

One-size-fits-all doesn't work.

You need more than just a standard diet plan to take back control of your health. You need a targeted therapy, tailored to your health condition and goals.

Your partner in health.

Health is a lifelong journey. We help to kick-start that journey with you and continue to provide the knowledge that you will need to progress forward. Check out our Blog and Nutrition Mastery Online Learning platform for more details.

Katherine Khoo, Nutritional Therapist

I want to ensure that all our clients are equipped to continue on their lifelong journey towards good health, even after their therapy.

My Mission is not just to provide nutrition THERAPY, but to TEACH and equip our clients with the right knowledge for their journey towards wellbeing. 

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Food freedom.

Understand nutrition, know diet myths from the real facts.

Heal naturally.

A non-toxic, natural approach to healing and disease prevention.

More energy.

Better metabolism and mental focus. Less sugar cravings and mid-day energy dip.

Weight management.

Better hormones, better biochemistry, better metabolism and weight management.

Know your health.

Learn the symptoms vs the real causes. Use nutrients and lifestyle modifications to fix the root of the problem.

You are not alone!

Ongoing professional support and educational materials will be provided to help you find better health.

What our clients say about our services

''Hi Katherine. I am so happy that I have learnt from you about how to eat right for cancer patient. My client listen to me and the glucose went down. And cancer cell went smaller and at some of the part no cancer cell. Thanks a lot.''

Tricia, Wellness professional • Singapore

''I'm 3 weeks into healthy keto after the cancer nutrition mastery program. First thing is my craving. I'm eating 2 regular meals and I DON'T FEEL HUNGRY..... mucus/phlegm at my throat is reducing... my body fat dropped 1.6%!! ''

Lindsay, Entrepreneur • Kuala Lumpur

''I had bad digestive disorder, sleepless, no mood, neck and shoulder pain for years. Been through doctors, tried acupuncture but none help ease my problem (permanently). Consulted Katherine for 4 months. Begin to see result in my digestive problem, less bloat and can eat better. This positive development is very encouraging to me.''

Yvonne • Singapore

Penny, Entrepreneur • Kuala Lumpur

Our Services

All our programmes and services are online. Convenient and at the comfort of your home.

    Start Here! 

    FREE 20-min pre-consultation phone call.

    A pre-therapy phone call.

    Let's work out if we are the right people to assist you with your health concerns. It's an opportunity for us to talk about your health concerns, goals and how we can assist to address your particular health concerns. You can get a sense of our therapy and determine if we are a good fit for you.

    Comprehensive nutritional & health assessment ($150).

    Know your starting point; your current health condition and how to progress towards your health goals.

    Highly recommended as part of annual health review. For anyone who knows that something is not normal about their health, but can't determine the cause of it.

    It's a full health assessment. We'll review your medical reports, your current and past symptoms, medications, dietary lifestyle and determine your nutritional status. Help you identify the root of your health problem (if any), and refocus your efforts to target the root of the problem.

    You will get:

    (1) Single consultation. 60 minutes one-on-one session.

    (2) Personalised dietary and supplementation regimen specific for your health condition and goals.

    (3) 30-days email* and WhatsApp* support.

    *During office hours only. Two (2) working days response time.

    Nutritional coaching ($280).

    Highly recommended for anyone wanting to kick-start a healthier eating habit, have food intolerances to work through, wanting to lose a few kilos, or just needing nutritional guidance to help them reach their health goals. 

    We help you identify the root of your health problem (if any), and refocus your efforts to target the root of the problem.

    You will get:

    (1) Three months of nutrition coaching in a group. Each group will consist of not more than 15 participants.

    (2) One-time comprehensive nutritional and health assessment. This is a 60-min private session.

    (3) Six group coaching sessions. One session every fortnightly. Up to 90 minutes per session. We do provide private coaching as well but at different rates. 

    (4) Access to Nutrition Mastery, Nutrition Basics online learning programme. Learn the basics of healthy eating. Upgrade your knowledge, upgrade your health!

    (5) Three months of unlimited email* and WhatsApp* support.

    *During office hours only. Two (2) working days response time.

    Nutritional therapy for chronic conditions ($420).

    Highly recommended if you have chronic or complex health issues that have persisted for a significant amount of time - digestive health diseases, liver disorders, kidney disorders, hormone imbalances, metabolic syndrome, thyroid disorders and cancer.

    You will get:

    (1) Package valid for six months.
    (2) One-time comprehensive nutritional & health assessment. 

    (3) Three follow-up sessions. 

    (4) Access to Nutrition Mastery, Nutrition Basics online learning programme. Learn the basics of healthy eating. Upgrade your knowledge, upgrade your health!

    (5) Six months of unlimited email* and WhatsApp* support.

    *During office hours only. Two (2) working days response time.

    Maintenance packages ($90)

    For clients who have completed their nutritional therapy programme but wants to have continuous coaching and support.

    An opportunity for existing clients to save some money for ongoing sessions as we continue your journey together. 

    Follow-ups are generally 30 to 40 minutes long.

    You will get:

    (1) Single follow-up session ($90).*

    (2) Three (3) follow-up sessions ($250).* Must be used within 6 months from date of first visit.

    Contact your therapist to sign up.

    *Strictly no refund or exchanges for unused sessions.

    Nutrition Mastery Online Learning (from $37)

    Our programmes are a combination of both theoretical and practical knowledge. Science-based facts, clinical knowledge that we observed from clients, tools and practical steps that you can take to improve on your health. 

    Some of our programmes:

    (1) Cancer Nutrition Mastery. A programme developed for cancer survivors, cancer patients and caregivers. All you need to know about nutrition and supplementation for cancer prevention and as an adjunctive therapy to cancer treatment.

    (2) Nutrition Mastery Basics. The very foundation of nutrition. You'll learn the basics on carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, inflammation and understand the foundation of a healthy meal. 

    and much, much, more...

    Corporate health talks and private training programmes

    Get in Touch with us, leave us a message below, or email [email protected] with your requirements. We will get in touch with you within 2 working days.

    Here are some of our past corporate and private events. 

Get in touch with us. 

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Frequently asked questions

What are your online consultation hours?

Consultation are online, video consultation and by appointment only. Consultation hours are (i) Monday to Friday, 10am to 8pm and (ii) Saturday, 10am to 12pm.

We do provide house call at an additional fee of $80 per visit. 

No consultation services on public holidays. Please Register Here to make an appointment. 

Do you give corporate health talks or provide nutrition training programmes?  

Yes, we do provide corporate health talks and nutrition training programmes. Do leave us a message on your organization's requirements and we will get in touch with you within 2 working days.  

If you have a personal nutrition or health related queries, and are wondering if we are the right person to assist you, please Register Here for the FREE 20-min phone consultation. We will get in touch with you, within the same working day.

What's your cancellation policy?  

We understand if you need to cancel or postpone your appointment due to unforeseen circumstances. We do ask that you be mindful of other people's time and if possible, do give us at least 24 hours notice. You can email us at [email protected] to cancel or postpone your appointment.

Do your Service fees include supplements and laboratory tests?

The fees outlined here does not include nutritional supplements and laboratory testing. There may be additional costs if supplements or laboratory testing is recommended. However, these recommendations will be discussed during consultation and we will do our best to tailor a therapy plan according to your lifestyle and budget. 

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